Do you help place students on OPT or candidates who require H1?

This may depend on your specific scenario. Please email with your resume and your situation.

Do you provide resume preparation, interview preparation and placement assistance?

Yes. After the training, you can avail of our resume/interview prep and placement/marketing services in exchange for 12-month contractual commitment of working through us as consultants. There is no additional cost. If you do not need the training or if you are unable to commit to a 12-month contract, we may be able to provide these services tailored to your needs at an additional cost.

What are the various services that you provide to assist candidates prepare for and secure a position as a BA?

Additional Domain Training

  • The additional materials/recordings on the mortgage industry domain help you complement the technical skills gathered during the training.We also guide you to research other domains like healthcare.

Resume Preparation

  • Based on your current background and experience, we help you build a focused resume.

Resume Critique

  • Resume review and critique helps you avoid pitfalls and build a strong resume.

Interview Preparation

  • Interview questions
  • One on one preparation and mock interview before a client interview
  • Peer Group/Forum Membership – Discuss various BA topics and answers to key interview questions, Get BA resources, useful links to current industry articles *
  • Marketing/Placement Assistance – Assigned recruiter who will directly keep in touch with you about your submissions and next steps
  • On-the-job Assistance – General hand-holding you may need on your first BA job, Review of requirements prior turning into the client, Set up a time and discuss as needed with a trainer
  • Access to BA Class Recordings – Access to recordings through the preparation process to strengthen your technical skills

See the detailed brochure here:

Do you provide on-the-job support?

Absolutely. As our consultant, your success on the project is our success and we will do everything possible to extend the support you may need while working at our client location. Our instructors can help with acclimating you with the process/methodology at the client location, understand your responsibilities specific to the project and help you adopt best practices in creating requirement documentation. Our consultants usually get comfortable with their project in a few weeks and do not need further support, but we are here to help when you need it.

If you are not working through us but need on-the-job support, you can take advantage of our mentoring services. Please call 703-468-1921 or email for more information.

How long will it take to find a job?

This is not an easy question to answer. The length of time it takes for your placement depends on several factors: current market conditions, your location preference, our resume/interview support, our marketing ability and your interviewing skills. We do our best to make factors under our control favorable – by helping you with creating a strong resume, additional domain training, interview prep sessions and access to our consultants portal with tons of resources and recordings of past sessions.

You will also need to do your part beyond the classes – by researching industry white papers, best practices and developments in the BA field. This will help you command knowledge at the interview and present yourself as a well-rounded candidate.

Do you provide 100% job placement guarantee?

We need to be clear on this. The answer is no. We will help you with your placement process by mentoring you and presenting your resume with our client and vendor companies. You will need to clear the interviews before you start a position. Hence, we do not claim any placement guarantee. We can help you achieve placement by preparing you and by marketing you.

You should be careful when trusting anyone who gives a categorical job placement guarantee.

What can I to to increase my chances of placement?

Any ability to relocate will greatly help. The more open you are, the better, at least for the first project. We can work with your location constraints but being able to relocate will be a great advantage as this is a flexibility many may not be able to afford.

You will need to be constantly engaged during the placement process and work with our trainers who will guide you. Some of the key suggestions to our consultants are:

  • Stay in touch with industry best practices in the BA realm
  • Follow the IIBA and take advantage of their free webinars
  • Follow BA-related blogs and twitters
  • Read white-papers and case studies
  • Gather domain knowledge outside your current expertise
  • Look through job descriptions from your local area and enhance your knowledge and know how of key job requirements
  • Seek a BA mentor through LinkedIn
  • Target your preparation with common interview questions

Do you work with candidates who are unable to relocate?

Your ability to relocate will greatly increase your chances and you should consider it at least for the first project. However, if you are unable to, we can still help you. You must expect the effort to take longer than if you were able to relocate.