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Trusted Tips to Move Your Business Analyst Career to a C-Suite Role

Each expert's point is to arrive at the highest level of the association. As a BA in the event that you are acceptable at your work, are inventive and imaginative, supplemented by having a proactive nature, you can take your business examiner vocation way to the extent you might want, advancing through administration levels to […]

Business Analysis in times of recession

The question now isn’t how to do more with less, it’s how to make sure you’re around to do anything at all. While there are any number of reasons why each of us wants to keep his or her job, business decisions are typically made at the organizational level, not the individual level. Therefore, we […]

Requirements Management in times of Recession

We are certainly living in difficult times, and changes in our world are almost inevitable, from the political to the geographic to the financial. Unfortunately some of us will face cutbacks in resources in the near future. Requirements management is one of the software development areas that often gets put on the chopping block during […]

The Business Analyst Toolkit – Interpersonal Skills

In addition to the analytical and technical skills that we need to bring to the table, interpersonal skills are absolutely vital to the business analyst's work. When it comes to understanding the present state we need to think about how stakeholders view this issue. Is it important to them? Is it a contentious topic, something […]

The Business Analyst Toolkit – Technical Skills

3 Step process to start with: When trying to understand the present state we have to question what the organizations current technical capabilities might be. After all, we might have a strategic idea from our analytical research of what it is we seek to accomplish what exact capabilities will we need in order to go […]

The Business Analyst Toolkit – Analytical Skills

What tools and traits are most valuable when it comes to the work of business analysis? There are three main categories that we should look at, analytical, technical, and interpersonal. First, let's take a closer look at analytical traits and how the apply to understanding the present state, the first step in our role as […]

What is your role as a BA?

Defining Business Analysis Business Analysis is increasingly vital to today's business environment. By identifying problems and opportunities, discovering and recommending solutions, and helping to foster a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder requirements, business analysts can help organizations choose and structure projects and initiatives more effectively. Let's begin taking a closer look at Business Analysis and what […]

Business Analytics: Requirements for Big Data Transformations

The entire IT industry is transforming rapidly. In fact, they are getting the most out of big data and analytics for their future growth. Along with time, the companies have accumulated a lot of useful data. Now they have come across the need to generate meaningful information out of the gathered data. Otherwise, they will […]

Why Stakeholders Don’t Tell You Everything?

The reason why stakeholders don’t tell you everything is because they don’t tend to realize that it is important for them to tell the required information to you. Therefore, it is important for you to have a clear understanding on discovering what they do. You should also make plans on how to watch your stakeholders […]