[BA FAQ] Is prior business/work experience in a non-IT field helpful to become a Business Analyst?

Absolutely. If IT skills (analysis skills, concepts and tools) are one key component for a successful Business Analyst, the other key component is business or domain knowledge. Several transferable skills are helpful to build your profile as a Business Analyst, allowing you to get a much deserved head start in your IT career.

  • If you have prior work experience in a specific industry, you can utilize the business knowledge and experience to become a Business Analyst in that field.
  • Any customer-facing role is generally helpful, since the BA responsibility primarily revolves around that.
  • Any operational experience from your prior jobs can contribute towards the BA role.
  • Subject matter expertise in your own industry can be a big advantage when looking for IT positions as a BA within the same familiar industry.
  • Any IT interaction / software exposure from your past jobs can come in handy.