[BA FAQ] Do you offer any industry specialization?

Yes we provide domain specialization in Finance and Healthcare.

[BA FAQ] What are the benefits of PDUs offered along with the training?

If the candidates want to take certification later, then they would have already gained the credit for the education component (40 PDs / CDs is what we provide)

PD = Professional development to get newly certified, CD = Continuing development, for renewing certification

[BA FAQ] What if I miss a class?

We will send you the videos of the class that you missed. You can then let your doubts cleared with the concerned trainer.

[BA FAQ] How long is the course?

The workshop happens for a period of 85 Hours , with 2 hours (8pm to 10pm EST) on each day.

[BA FAQ] Who are the instructors?

Our Instructors are Business Analyst professionals having 10-15 years of experience in the industry.

[BA FAQ] Do you have weekday classes?

We have a combination of Weekday and Weekend sessions. The Instructors will keep you informed about the schedule in advance.

[BA FAQ] What is the agenda for the Business Analyst Workshop Free Demo?

BA roles and responsibilities
- Who is a business analyst?
- What does the job entail?
- How is a BA placed in IT projects?
BA job prospects
- Can beginners become a BA?
- What is the earning potential and the job market need like?
How a typical day in the life of a BA goes
- What are the challenges?
- What are the primary tasks?
- Are there a lot of meetings?
Challenges facing new BAs
- How hard it is to get into such an enterprising discipline?
- What are the roadblocks one can expect?
How to overcome those challenges.
- How Requirements Inc. can help remove those obstacles and make you a successful BA?

[BA FAQ] What is the on-demand video recordings format?

On Demand provides the entire program in video form which is useful for people who can't make it on the weekends. Here the videos can be accessed multiple times within a span of 90 days. Tool training is also provided for on-demand candidates. It is also supported by an instructor if you have any questions.

[BA FAQ] Do online participants get the same quality as in class?

We do not use a whiteboard, so online folks do not miss out on what is being discussed. You will see the instructors desktop via webex, so you can review the same information presented to in-class folks. We use excellent mic and speaker system so that online participants can be heard well and in-class participant interaction is also promoted. You will participate in all group exercises. We ship you a copy of the course book so you can follow with your hard copy (US only).

[BA FAQ] Is it practical for beginners to learn Business Analysis? What is the learning methodology?

Our program is tailored to be very beginner friendly and assume that the trainees come with zero BA/IT background.Our training happens in different mechanisms like In class (in Virginia office), Live Online & On Demand via videos for those who cannot be online at specific times.