[BA FAQ] What are the tools covered? Will I get to practice the tools?

UML Business Modeling

  • StarUML (Hands-on)

Requirement Management

Change Management
  • JIRA (Hands-on)
  • Rational ClearQuest
  • Borland StarTeam
  • SQLite Interpreter (Hands-on)
Change/Version Control
  • TortoiseSVN (Hands-on)
  • Rational ClearCase
  • Microsoft Visual SourseSafe

[BA FAQ] What are the Key Topics covered in the program?

  1. IT Projects and Business Analysis - Introduction
  2. Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)
  3. UML Use Case Diagrams
    • StarUML (Hands-on)
  4. UML Activity Diagrams
    • StarUML (Hands-on)
  5. UML State Diagrams
    • StarUML (Hands-on)
  6. Requirements
  7. Written Use Cases
  8. Requirement Management
  9. Change Management
    • JIRA (Hands-on)
    • Rational ClearQuest
    • Borland StarTeam
  10. Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs)
  11. SQL Introduction
    • SQLite Interpreter (Hands-on)
  12. Testing
  13. Change/Version Control
    • TortoiseSVN (Hands-on)
    • Rational ClearCase
    • Microsoft Visual SourseSafe

[BA FAQ] I want to know what are the chances of job placement with your company?

There will be a list interview that you will need to clear. We have comprehensive resources and instructors to support you and prepare you in every step of the process from Resume prep ,Interview prep and On the job support. We would stand with you in every step of the process and we have working professionals to mentor.

[BA FAQ] Can someone become a senior Business Analyst by taking your course?

A lot of people become a BA due to their strength in domain / being in the company for a while.This makes it difficult for them to get on a new job since the market has certain requirements. Also they may not be sure if they are having any shortcomings when it comes to complete requirements / deficit in methodical requirements development. Our training will give them a well rounded knowledge to get back on the market/ to get into the next level in their career.

[BA FAQ] What does the IIBA Endorsement / EEP program mean?

IIBA - International Institute of Business Analysis is the only global professional member association supporting the careers of BAs worldwide.

As an early adopter, we were one among the first 300 companies to be endorsed globally as an Endorsed Education Provider (EEP).

Successful completion of the Business Analyst Workshop earns 40 credits.(PDs good towards certification and CDs towards re-certification). You also get a completion certificate with IIBA logo.

The EEP program has two main objectives:

1) Endorse education providers and their learning events (courses, conference dates, webinars, etc.) to enable the BA community to easily identify such providers and learning events that are aligned with the global standard for business analysis - a Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide).

2) Provide a licensing mechanism to such education providers to properly use IIBA intellectual property (IP) including trademarks and BABOK® Guide content.

All learning events endorsed under the EEP program must either be:

• Directly related to business analysis (as described in the BABOK® Guide Knowledge Area sections) and/or the underlying competencies.

• Support other BA related activities and streams such as tools and techniques and the perspectives also described within the BABOK® Guide.

By pursuing a program endorsed by IIBA under the EEP program, business analysis community members are assured that:

• The training provider has been reviewed by IIBA and meets IIBA requirements for participating in the EEP program.

• EEP learning events (i.e. courses, webinars, conferences) are aligned to the globally recognized industry standard for business analysis practices, the BABOK® Guide.

• EEPs are properly licensed to use IIBA intellectual property (IP), and are using up-to-date IP.

• The training aligns to a common set of effective practices and standards for delivery of education programs.

• There is an effective means of communication to provide updates to curriculum delivery, as well as an identified procedure to address student concerns.

• The training provider has the capability to support delivery of the training in terms of organization, physical resources, and administration.

• Presenters are appropriately qualified, are skilled in teaching, are familiar with the curriculum, keep up-to-date with changes to the curriculum, and have knowledge and experience in the subject area.

• There is adequate coverage of the curriculum, with an appropriate mix of lectures, practical work, and revision appropriate to the level of the course.

• Delivery of instruction is relevant and supports the curriculum.

• Materials are kept up-to-date, in line with changes to the curriculum

[BA FAQ] Why should I choose Requirements Inc? What puts you apart from the other providers?

  • Empowering successful Business Analysts, Agile Practitioners and Project Managers since 2008!
  • One of the first organizations to be IIBA endorsed globally
  • Comprehensive, all-inclusive training and placement programs
  • Delivered by practicing professionals

What will I learn in the BA Workshop Demo?

[BA FAQ] How does the On-Demand Training work?

On-Demand Training is facilitated via Video Recordings and is available online. This format also provides you with the IIBA education credits.

If the class timings are not suitable or if you prefer learning at your own time and pace, then this option may be perfect for you.

You get 60 days access to the On-Demand Website. You can sign in to recordings 24×7 and listen to the recordings as many times as you would like.

You get the same assignments and tests available to our In-Class/Live Online Participants.


  • There is no need to be available at a specific time
  • You may listen to the class 24/7 at any time at your own convenience

You can review the recordings as many times as you want.

If your On-Demand Course comes with Instructor Support, you can post a question on the website, email the instructor or set up a time to discuss your questions over a call.

[BA FAQ] What are the technical requirements to take the Live Online training?

A PC/Mac, a high speed internet connection, phone line if you plan to call in, a good mic and speakers if you plan to dial in using the computer. All downloadable tools are available on the Course Website.