[BA FAQ] Is this course available outside the US?

You can take the Live Online class if the timings are suitable. If timings don’t work out you may also attend using the On-Demand option.

[BA FAQ] What are the roles of a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst (BA) is a professional who acts as a liaison between the business group (or end users) of a software application and the technical group that designs, develops and tests the application. Common alternative titles are business systems analyst, systems analyst, requirements analyst and functional analyst.

[BA FAQ] What are the key skills required to become a successful Business Analyst?

You would make a great BA if you:

  • Are organized
  • Have an eye for the details
  • Have good communication and write well
  • Can explain concepts clearly
  • Are a people person
  • Are a problem solver
  • Have a logical/analytical mind
  • Have a good command on Word and Excel
  • Have business/IT/industry education (Computer/Business Degree, IT Training, Telecom/Finance etc.)
  • Have operational experience (any field!)


[BA FAQ] How do I attend the free demo class?

You must register to attend the free demo session.

You can attend the trial class by participating in a live class (Live Online or In-Class) or at your own convenience (On-Demand via Video Recordings).

Pick any available date from http://requirementsinc.com/ba/register for a live session or choose the On-Demand option.

[BA FAQ] What is the course website?

The course website is the central repository for downloading the course book, course materials, reference materials and ebooks, software, assignments, online tests, etc. http://requirementsinc.com/baworkshop

You will get your login upon signing up and get access for an entire year!

[BA FAQ] Is there a good demand for Business Analysts?

There is a tremendous demand for BAs. BAs are not technology and domain agnostic – regardless of what technology is used in building the software, BAs are sought for large projects. BA is one of the top ten recession proof jobs (Forbes Magazine) and is the top paid among the 10.

See for yourself: Look up dice, monster or careerbuilder etc. and search for the keywords: Business Analyst or Systems Analyst.

[BA FAQ] Is prior business/work experience in a non-IT field helpful to become a Business Analyst?

Absolutely. If IT skills (analysis skills, concepts and tools) are one key component for a successful Business Analyst, the other key component is business or domain knowledge. Several transferable skills are helpful to build your profile as a Business Analyst, allowing you to get a much deserved head start in your IT career.

  • If you have prior work experience in a specific industry, you can utilize the business knowledge and experience to become a Business Analyst in that field.
  • Any customer-facing role is generally helpful, since the BA responsibility primarily revolves around that.
  • Any operational experience from your prior jobs can contribute towards the BA role.
  • Subject matter expertise in your own industry can be a big advantage when looking for IT positions as a BA within the same familiar industry.
  • Any IT interaction / software exposure from your past jobs can come in handy.

[BA FAQ] What are the future career prospects for a Business Analyst?

Business Analysts can propel themselves into several progressive career options:

  • Senior Business Analyst, leading a team of BAs and contributing to the Requirements Management, Planning and Monitoring in conjunction with the Project Manager
  • Business Architect, contributing to the enterprise-wide engineering of software systems with the responsibility of creating the vision for efficient IT systems and planning multi-year road-maps.
  • Release Manager, overseeing the overall communication across cross-functional teams and managing risks of the project and responsible for the success of each software release
  • Project/Product Manager, managing resources, budget and timeline, responsible for the entire project or product
  • SCRUM Master, leading the effort to ensure that an organization embraces the principles of the SCRUM framework in Agile projects
  • Product Owner, devoted to shaping up high quality products for Agile SCRUM projects

Once you have become an accomplished BA, you can also pursue the CCBA and/or the CBAP certifications.

[BA FAQ] I do not have any IT background. Can I become a Business Analyst?

Prior IT experience, technical expertise or a computer science degree is NOT at all a requirement to become a Business Analyst.

In fact, it is one of the very few disciplines where an IT beginner can use as a launchpad to start their IT career. Since the barrier of entry is rather low, we can help you utilize your past experience and help you gain the necessary IT skills to become a successful Business Analyst.

Keep in mind, most of our participants are beginners, so we assume no IT knowledge and start from the very basics. The first topic is about what an IT project is, and who the participants are!

We can help you with the technical skill set, domain/industry knowledge and an understanding of IT concepts and tools. Our BA Workshop course does not assume any technical knowledge and we start from the very basics. The course is aimed at strengthening your analysis skills and application of different tools using examples and assignments from different known domains like flight reservation, credit card, banking, loan processing, etc.