Checklist – Elicitation Questions for the Inquisitive BA

You’ve been handed a project, where do you start? What questions do you ask? We compiled a list of a critical questions to help you get started in your analysis efforts. This checklist is an MS Word form document that can be printed or used electronically as you start eliciting your requirements.

Questions to ask about Business Process

? Why is it done?
? What does it involve?
? Who does it?
? When is it done?
? How is it currently done? (There may be more than one way.)
? How might it be done in the future?
? What constraints affect the process?

Questions to ask about Business Data

? Who uses the data?
? Where does the data originate?
? Why do we need this data?
? What is the data?
? How is the data defined?
? What are the constraints on the data?
? When is the data updated?

Questions to ask about Business Rules

? How do you make that decision?
? Is there a minimum or maximum?
? Are there specific edits?
? What guidelines are used to make that determination?
? Are there specific calculations?
? Are there terms specific to your business?
Tip! A quick way to identify business rules is to look for sentences like “If…then”, or “Sometimes…” or “In that case…”