What are the various services that you provide to assist candidates prepare for and secure a position as a BA?

Additional Domain Training

  • The additional materials/recordings on the mortgage industry domain help you complement the technical skills gathered during the training.We also guide you to research other domains like healthcare.

Resume Preparation

  • Based on your current background and experience, we help you build a focused resume.

Resume Critique

  • Resume review and critique helps you avoid pitfalls and build a strong resume.

Interview Preparation

  • Interview questions
  • One on one preparation and mock interview before a client interview
  • Peer Group/Forum Membership – Discuss various BA topics and answers to key interview questions, Get BA resources, useful links to current industry articles *
  • Marketing/Placement Assistance – Assigned recruiter who will directly keep in touch with you about your submissions and next steps
  • On-the-job Assistance – General hand-holding you may need on your first BA job, Review of requirements prior turning into the client, Set up a time and discuss as needed with a trainer
  • Access to BA Class Recordings – Access to recordings through the preparation process to strengthen your technical skills

See the detailed brochure here: http://www.requirementsinc.com/library/ba/PlacementInfo.pdf