What can I to to increase my chances of placement?

Any ability to relocate will greatly help. The more open you are, the better, at least for the first project. We can work with your location constraints but being able to relocate will be a great advantage as this is a flexibility many may not be able to afford.

You will need to be constantly engaged during the placement process and work with our trainers who will guide you. Some of the key suggestions to our consultants are:

  • Stay in touch with industry best practices in the BA realm
  • Follow the IIBA and take advantage of their free webinars
  • Follow BA-related blogs and twitters
  • Read white-papers and case studies
  • Gather domain knowledge outside your current expertise
  • Look through job descriptions from your local area and enhance your knowledge and know how of key job requirements
  • Seek a BA mentor through LinkedIn
  • Target your preparation with common interview questions