Benefits of Placement through us

  • Unique guidance with custom Resume to match your skill set, target market and your interest areas (See the Attachments section)
  • Focused Interview preparation to get you confidence you need to ace a job interview (See the Sample Interview Prep Videos section)
  • Useful job assistance with tips to best practices on performing the job
  • Client interview specific targeted mentoring
  • Great support developing a project portfolio (See the Attachments section)
  • Unparalleled project on the job support by our most experienced mentors
  • Get all of Sri's BA Workshop recordings at no additional cost ($350 value)

Complimentary Domain Videos

Sample Interview Prep Videos


Placement FAQs

What is the process to avail placement services after training?

Placement services can be availed optionally by signing an agreement to work with us for a year.

Is placement assistance available in all countries?

Placement services are currently available only in the US.

What kind of support is provided with the Placement Assistance?
Extensive support is provided by working professionals via one on one communication and group sessions to assist in your resume preparation, interview preparation, job preparation, portfolio preparation and on-the-job support as needed.

What is the Placement term?
The commitment is to work with us for a year, that is, 2080 hours.

Why 2080 hours?
Some projects might actually cover overtime, where you may serve your committed time in less than a year. If you avail a vacation between the project, you may serve a bit over the 12 months. Tracking based on hours works keeps things very transparent and easy to maintain.


Ready to move forward? What's next?

Enroll for the training and go through the Placement process subsequently.

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