[BA FAQ] Do you offer any industry specialization?

Yes we provide domain specialization in Finance and Healthcare.

[BA FAQ] Is it practical for beginners to learn Business Analysis? What is the learning methodology?

Our program is tailored to be very beginner friendly and assume that the trainees come with zero BA/IT background.Our training happens in different mechanisms like In class (in Virginia office), Live Online & On Demand via videos for those who cannot be online at specific times.

[BA FAQ] Can someone become a senior Business Analyst by taking your course?

A lot of people become a BA due to their strength in domain / being in the company for a while.This makes it difficult for them to get on a new job since the market has certain requirements. Also they may not be sure if they are having any shortcomings when it comes to complete requirements / deficit in methodical requirements development. Our training will give them a well rounded knowledge to get back on the market/ to get into the next level in their career.

[BA FAQ] Why should I choose Requirements Inc? What puts you apart from the other providers?

  • Empowering successful Business Analysts, Agile Practitioners and Project Managers since 2008!
  • One of the first organizations to be IIBA endorsed globally
  • Comprehensive, all-inclusive training and placement programs
  • Delivered by practicing professionals

[BA FAQ] What are the key skills required to become a successful Business Analyst?

You would make a great BA if you:

  • Are organized
  • Have an eye for the details
  • Have good communication and write well
  • Can explain concepts clearly
  • Are a people person
  • Are a problem solver
  • Have a logical/analytical mind
  • Have a good command on Word and Excel
  • Have business/IT/industry education (Computer/Business Degree, IT Training, Telecom/Finance etc.)
  • Have operational experience (any field!)


[BA FAQ] Is prior business/work experience in a non-IT field helpful to become a Business Analyst?

Absolutely. If IT skills (analysis skills, concepts and tools) are one key component for a successful Business Analyst, the other key component is business or domain knowledge. Several transferable skills are helpful to build your profile as a Business Analyst, allowing you to get a much deserved head start in your IT career.

  • If you have prior work experience in a specific industry, you can utilize the business knowledge and experience to become a Business Analyst in that field.
  • Any customer-facing role is generally helpful, since the BA responsibility primarily revolves around that.
  • Any operational experience from your prior jobs can contribute towards the BA role.
  • Subject matter expertise in your own industry can be a big advantage when looking for IT positions as a BA within the same familiar industry.
  • Any IT interaction / software exposure from your past jobs can come in handy.

[BA FAQ] I do not have any IT background. Can I become a Business Analyst?

Prior IT experience, technical expertise or a computer science degree is NOT at all a requirement to become a Business Analyst.

In fact, it is one of the very few disciplines where an IT beginner can use as a launchpad to start their IT career. Since the barrier of entry is rather low, we can help you utilize your past experience and help you gain the necessary IT skills to become a successful Business Analyst.

Keep in mind, most of our participants are beginners, so we assume no IT knowledge and start from the very basics. The first topic is about what an IT project is, and who the participants are!

We can help you with the technical skill set, domain/industry knowledge and an understanding of IT concepts and tools. Our BA Workshop course does not assume any technical knowledge and we start from the very basics. The course is aimed at strengthening your analysis skills and application of different tools using examples and assignments from different known domains like flight reservation, credit card, banking, loan processing, etc.