[BA FAQ] What is the agenda for the Business Analyst Workshop Free Demo?

BA roles and responsibilities
- Who is a business analyst?
- What does the job entail?
- How is a BA placed in IT projects?
BA job prospects
- Can beginners become a BA?
- What is the earning potential and the job market need like?
How a typical day in the life of a BA goes
- What are the challenges?
- What are the primary tasks?
- Are there a lot of meetings?
Challenges facing new BAs
- How hard it is to get into such an enterprising discipline?
- What are the roadblocks one can expect?
How to overcome those challenges.
- How Requirements Inc. can help remove those obstacles and make you a successful BA?

[BA FAQ] How do I attend the free demo class?

You must register to attend the free demo session.

You can attend the trial class by participating in a live class (Live Online or In-Class) or at your own convenience (On-Demand via Video Recordings).

Pick any available date from http://requirementsinc.com/ba/register for a live session or choose the On-Demand option.