Six Reasons to Empower Yourself as an IT Business Analyst

Low Barrier of Entry into IT

IT Beginner Friendly Field. Most Positions do not need IT/Computer Degree. The profession is technology independent so you don’t need to keep learning a new programming language.

Shield Yourself from Recession!

Business Analysis Cannot be Outsourced. Highest Paid (85-95K) among the Top 10 Recession-proof Jobs. Source: Forbes, in an analysis during the peak of recession.

Utilize Your Existing Skills, Experience

Can apply prior business / operational knowledge and experience – need not start as an entry level BA.
Get a well-deserved head start!.

Embark Upon a Growing Career

Evolving Discipline: Computer Systems Analyst Profession is expected to grow 20% by 2018 , that is, a Total of 640,000 New Jobs by 2018!
Source: US Department of Labor

Increase Your Earning Potential

Earn about Double the National Average. BA Average Salary is from 74K to 95K depending on Experience. National Wage is Less Than 42K!
Source:, SSA

Promising Career Ladder

Define your own finish line! Choose a career path based on your interests: Project/Product Manager; Release Manager; Program Manager; Business Architect;